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The Playgroup


Once you have sent in your registration form, we will contact you to arrange a visit to the Playgroup with your child. We want your child to feel happy and safe with us and to make sure of this, our staff will work with you to decide how best to help your child to settle in.

Once your child is registered and you have agreed on what days your would like them to attend, we will send you a start date. On their first day, we prefer parents to stay for a while, to help the child to settle in and get used to the new faces.

If the child is happy, we then ask the parent if they would like to leave for an hour or so, allowing their child to build confidence at playgroup.


If we are able to place your child we will ask you to complete a registration form.

A place is offered on the understanding that your child will be attending at least one session in their first year and attends a minimum of two sessions in their pre-school year.

As we are a small Playgroup we may not always be able to place your child in your preferred sessions, in which case alternative sessions may be offered. We will however do our best to meet your requirements.


Collection of children from Playgroup


If someone will be collecting your child that is not on your authorisation list, please make sure that they know your password (which you provided on your registration form) . We will not let your child go with them unless they can provide this. 


Change of contact details


Please inform us straight away if your address, landline or mobile number changes.


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